Meet Anit

Nurses and family members agree that the best way to describe four-year-old Anit is happy and playful. But a year ago, Anit was so sick that her father, Simon, worried she would die. After months of seeking answers at seven different clinics and hospitals, he feared there was nothing left to do for his daughter. Not wanting to give up hope, Simon brought Anit to Bugando Medical Centre. There, she finally received a diagnosis: cancer.

The past year of treatment has been incredibly challenging for the entire family. ­­The harvest failed, meaning Anit’s siblings have often gone hungry, and Simon has been unable to work during his daughter’s treatment. In the face of such challenging circumstances, curing Anit has truly been a family effort. “My entire family is working hard to heal her and fighting for us to survive this.”

iCCARE has stood alongside Anit’s family in their fight. Thanks to their support, the family has never had to pay for chemotherapy or a place to stay while living away from home for treatment.

For ­­­Simon, seeing his child back to her playful self is a blessing that has made all the sacrifice worth it. “She is just so happy. She has even started running again. These things give me heart and energy to keep going and see that God is here.”