Meet Efroni

Efroni is an energetic and silly little boy who loves to play soccer and eat mangoes.

But in April, Efroni’s parents were told their son had Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a type of fast-growing cancer. His father, Mapindozi, recalls hearing the news: “That day, I didn’t have faith. I thought my baby was destined to die.” With classic strength, Efroni endured his first rounds of chemotherapy at Bugando Medical Centre and improved quickly.

The work of iCCARE has helped double the childhood cancer survival rate at Bugando Medical Centre in just two years. iCCARE is working to improve pediatric cancer care and provide financial assistance to families so that every child at Bugando has the same chance at survival as a child in the United States.

Throughout Efroni’s treatment, his family has never had to pay for a place to stay or chemotherapy throughout his treatment. When they hit hard financial times a few months ago, iCCARE was able to provide them with the extra financial support they needed for transportation to and from the hospital to ensure Efroni could continue treatment.

“Getting support from iCCARE is what’s helping us. We have money for treatment and food and everything,” says Efroni’s father, Mapindozi.

Efroni has responded well to chemotherapy, and he will soon finish treatment. Mapindozi is incredibly grateful to be able to think about his son’s future once again: “I know how bright Efroni is. Now I’m hoping that in the future he will study hard in school and excel.”